Lily Flowers

  • Hair Color: Brown with highlights
  • Likes: Cats, pizza, shopping, music, working out, yoga and my favorite colors are purple and green
  • Dislikes: Cigarettes, spiders, cold weather, leaf blowers
  • Interested In: Learning new things, cooking, meditation
  • Playlist: EDM Tiesto Coldplay Marilyn Manson Nine inch nails Metallica Katy Perry Kelly Clarkson
  • Work Schedule: Wednesday: 6pm-2am Thursday: 6pm-2am Friday: 6pm-2am Saturday:6pm-2am Sunday: 6am-2pm

  • BIO
    Hi I’m Lily! I’m very friendly, outgoing and fun! I love to chat and get to know new people! I have lots of energy. I love working out. I used to be a personal trainer. I love cats and bunnies.

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